Valyon is the scion of high Belfalas nobility and erstwhile esquire of Dol Amroth.


Several esquires had decided to accompany the Prince to the evening’s entertainment, Imrahil’s promise to share the bounty of the Fairweather being almost as strong an incentive as the prestige of being seen in his company. Valyon and Golasgil, who were heirs to their fathers’ holdings in Belfalas and Anfalas had come, as well as Barador, Casveyllin, Elethil and Peloren, who were young men of good family, if not of as exalted birth as the first two. - chapter 1, Kin-Strife.

Valyon's family is apparently at least as prestigious as that of Golasgil, who eventually became the Lord of Anfalas. Yet his title cannot be "Lord of Belfalas," since this title belongs already to the Princes of Dol Amroth. Later evidence suggests that Valyon may even come from a more powerful family than Golasgil does, but precisely who they are, or how much land they control in Belfalas is never made more clear than this.

According to Isabeau's Journal[1], Valyon's daughter is Jerulas.

Career as EsquireEdit

“He gets ideas above his station, the Southron does!” growled Valyon. Then, turning to Andrahar, “And it is ‘Lord Valyon’ to you!” -chapter 1, Kin-Strife.

As a rather rank-conscious young man, Valyon found the required leveling of rank within the body of esquires difficult to accept. He was seen to insist upon acknowledgment of his title from one lower than him on more than one occasion, and his interest in Imrahil appears to have been partially motivated by the prestige attached to being seen in Imrahil's company. His relationship to Andrahar clearly harbored more than resentment over Andrahar's refusal to respect the social differences that had been forbidden anyway to esquires; it contained a strong element of racial hatred.

During the Lithe celebrations of 2974, Valyon learned that Imrahil had been taken seriously ill after drinking a dose of tainted hekadi, a narcotic of Haradric origins. Furious over what he presumed was Andrahar's conspiracy to poison the Heir to Dol Amroth, he and Barador collected four other noble esquires and subdued Andrahar while he slept. They proceeded to beat him severely, Valyon telling him that his place was not in the Swan Knights, and warning that he was unwelcome among them.[2]

Once discovered, thanks in part to the voluntary confession of two of his accomplices, Valyon was unapologetic. His defense of his actions and those of his co-conspirators to Prince Adrahil, before the convened company of Swan Knights and esquires, placed the blame for the incident on Andrahar's Haradric heritage and the misguided kindness of Prince Adrahil.[3]

Adrahil found this defense lacking for several reasons and dismissed him from the esquires, sending him home to his family's manor in Belfalas the very next morning.


Valyon was introduced in Kin-Strife. To date, this is the only story in which he appears.



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