Teilin is a Swan Knight of Dol Amroth.

Personal lifeEdit

Peloren joined Teilin and Ciryandur and Narendil at ' The Gull and Piper' , enduring their quiet jests and ribbing of the ringless stray in their midst. [1]

Teilin is married, though to whom or whether he has children is unknown. He is adept at a card game known as "dragon draw." He is also known to share quite openly the widespread Gondorian prejudice against Harad's promotion of homosexual love as a desirable ideal, particularly for members of its more noble castes.[2]


Like Aldan, Teilin was invited to become an esquire after having served in the Dol Amroth infantry, in the Third Company. He began his training somewhat earlier than Aldan, but the two of them studied together to learn the Sindarin required of them.

Teilin assisted in the search for missing fellow esquire, Elethil, in March of 2976. Presumably he was knighted sometime during or else shortly before 2980, for, in summer and fall of that year, he served as one of the knights in Imrahil's guard aboard the Olwen.[3]


Teilin's name was formed specifically to show the suffix "-lin" applying to a male. Since Hethlin's name occasions no questions as to her gender, it would appear that "-lin" can end both male and female names, making it analogous to "Dana" or "Lindsay" in English. Teilin was introduced in Reconciliation.