Swan Knight


Armsmaster (2961-2976)




Master of Horses Théorwyn

Master of Records Illian

Armsmaster of the Swan Knights during Adrahil's reign as Prince of Dol Amroth.


Ornendil was established as Armsmaster of Dol Amroth in 2961.[1] In that capacity, he oversaw the training of the Heir to Dol Amroth and a number of the future officers of the Swan Knights, including his own eventual successor.

During his tenure as Armsmaster, at Prince Adrahil's command, the Swan Knights admitted the first candidate for knighthood to hail from a land hostile to Gondor and its allies, Andrahar of Umbar. This presented a problem of discipline that Ornendil struggled to resolve, but which was compounded by his own misgivings about Andrahar's foreign origins and cultural allegiances.

When, in 2974, several esquires attacked Andrahar in revenge for what they imagined was his role in Imrahil's brush with death from tainted hekadi, Ornendil was involved in finding and disciplining the culprits. A year later, when Peloren and Elethil returned to take up esquire training again, the same incident caused another year of disciplinary difficulties. He took part in the defense of Calardin in March of 2976, relieving the beleaguered Andrahar and Peloren and their improvised squad of villagers.

Shortly thereafter, he tendered his resignation as a captain accepting responsibility for the dangerous and racially-motivated strife that he had failed to curb.


Ornendil first appeared in chapter 1 of Kin-Strife, and went on to be a major character in Reconciliation. To date, his fate and later activities remain unwritten.


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