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Esteven is a captain in the Swan Knights of Dol Amroth.


Their leader, a young man whose chiseled features, black hair and blue-grey eyes spoke of Numenorean blood, but who was a bit swarthier than usual, glanced about the chamber until his eyes lit upon Mablung. He moved towards him, his escort following, and bowed.
"Lieutenant, I do not know if you remember or not, but we met in Minas Tirith some time ago, when Lord Faramir was in town for the Council. I am Lord Esteven, and currently in command of those of Prince Imrahil's men in residence at Minas Tirith."- chapter 7, Blackbow.

As of summer of T.A. 3015, Esteven was the commander of the Swan Knight detachment stationed at the Princes' residence in Minas Tirith. Among the duties given to him was that of aiding Imrahil's nephews, Boromir and Faramir, however he could.[1]

Esteven appears to have the trust of his Captain-Commander both on and off the field. He is a competent enough horseman that Andrahar is willing to entrust Rahur to him at need. He also is, apparently, one of the very few who were privy to Andrahar's relationship with Boromir.[2][3]

Personal LifeEdit

Esteven is one of two men to win a white belt whose family descends at least in part from Harad. One of Esteven's grandmothers was Dúnadan.[4] The Haradric members of his family live in the South Docks area of Dol Amroth, and appear to hold largely to a-lehani Haradric beliefs, as does he.[5] He is married to Anaišar.


Esteven first appeared in Blackbow.



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