b. 2955 - d. ?


Lord and Lady of Caldor


three unnamed older brothers; two unnamed sisters, one older and one younger



Elethil of Caldor--Unabeauverse Family Tree

Family Tree of Elethil of Caldor, from the Unabeauverse.

Elethil of Caldor is the son of minor nobility in Anfalas. He entered the service of the Prince of Dol Amroth after failing to complete esquire training and became a member of the Prince's diplomatic corps.

His closest friend is Peloren of Hathwyn, and he is on good terms with Prince Imrahil, Aldan of Dol Amroth, and Andrahar.

Early LifeEdit

Elethil was the fifth child of the Lord and Lady of Caldor. His father and all of his brothers had earned their white belts, and Elethil was intended to become another Swan Knight. Even as a boy, however, his native disposition did not immediately suggest one with a warrior's calling: he loved music, learning in secret from his father's beekeeper, Tilandir, to play the flute. He suffered from his father's harshness and heavy-handed discipline, intended to form him into a more soldierly or lordly young man; he also suffered from the sense of his own provincialness and supposed lack of eloquence.

In 2971, Elethil removed to Dol Amroth to begin esquire training. There, he befriended Peloren, to whom he became particularly close, as well as Imrahil, Valyon, and Golasgil. In 2974, during the Lithe holiday, at the instigation of Valyon, he participated in beating fellow esquire Andrahar nearly senseless as an act of revenge. Stricken with remorse, he and Peloren confessed to their involvement in the crime and were offered a choice: return home or join the infantry for a year in a bid to return to the esquires, if they earned a good report. Elethil, like Peloren, chose the latter option.

From 2974-2975, Elethil served in the Fifth Company of Dol Amroth's infantry with Peloren, before returning to try to win his white belt. Yet severe testing from the masters, harassment from his peers, and a deteriorating relationship with his father drove him to near despair by the spring of 2976. After a period of soul-searching and a difficult reconciliation with Andrahar, he eventually chose to leave the esquires and forego becoming a Swan Knight in favor of serving Dol Amroth in a different capacity.

Sometime between 2976 and 2980, Elethil became proficient in Haradric, so much so that he was included as a junior diplomat in the post-Hurrhabi negotiations with the Haradrim. He also was learning, and by 2980 had at least basic competency in, the Ta'alsheen dialect of Haradric.[1]


Elethil was first introduced in Kin-Strife.